MK Regev: Start Building at E1

Likud MK says Israel does not need external approval for 'natural right' to build on its land.

Gil Ronen ,

Homes on outskirts of Jerusalem
Homes on outskirts of Jerusalem
Flash 90

Likud-Beytenu MK Miri Regev, who heads the Knesset's Interior Committee, called upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Thursday to implement his promises to build Jewish neighborhoods at Mevaseret Adumim, also known as the E1 area, east of Jerusalem.

Netanyahu reportedly froze construction in the area in late 2012, following international pressure

He promised to renew construction in the area as part of his election campaign, but has been accused of freezing construction as soon as tenders were announced

"Israel has got to strengthen the settlement enterprise while safeguarding its security interests,” Regev emphasized. “The unrealistic thought of finding a two-state solution for two nations is gradually cracking and will eventually crumble.”

Regev lauded the large-scale march planned to take place at Mevaseret Adumim next month, and said: “The better we are able to speak clearly and precisely regarding our natural and historic right to the land, the stronger we will be vis-a-vis our enemies, and the better we will be able to withstand the pressure of the nations of the world. We must continue to build a strong Jewish state in all parts of the Land of Israel.”

She stated that the construction at E1 is essential for creating Jewish territorial contiguity, and will prevent a future Palestinian state from taking the territory. “I am well acquainted with the pathetic statements that are often repeated, as if the government is awaiting the right diplomatic moment to begin building, but the fact is that that a sovereign state does not need approval from external elements in order to implement its natural right to establish communities on its land.”