Opinion: Obama's Faltering Legacy

Robert Gates deserves our congratulations for telling the truth about the Obama administration and its legacy of appeasement.

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Joseph Frager, MD,

Dr. Joseph Frager
Dr. Joseph Frager
Courtesy: Dr. Joseph Frager

Robert Gates, former U.S. Defense Secretary from 2006 to 2011, has fired the first salvo in what will no doubt be a recurring theme as History judges President Obama.

Obviously, the legacy is not yet complete, since the Iranian crisis looms larger than ever. As it stands right now, it does not appear by any stretch that the President is going to do anything militarily against Iran. Unless the Ayatollahs fall by some miracle, that means that President Obama's legacy of appeasement, disengagement, and laissez faire will remain for the rest of his Presidency.

Unless Robert Gate's book "Duty" changes the President's thinking, which is highly unlikely, Robert Gates' assessment remains operative. By early 2010, regarding Afghanistan, Gates writes that the President "doesn't believe in his own strategy and doesn't consider the war to be his. For him it's all about getting out."

Another charge leveled by Gates at the President about Afghanistan was that he was "skeptical if not outright convinced it would fail". How does a Commander in Chief send American soldiers into life and death combat thinking that his policy will fail? Then Secretary of defense Gates further wrote to the President concerning the "Surge" that "while the deliberative process has served you well, we cannot wait a month or two for a decision...standing pat, middling options, muddling through, are not the right path forward and put our kids at risk for no good purpose."

This is precisely what the President is known for. He has sat on the fence for most of his decision making. This is all in line with our assessment over the 6 years of the Obama Presidency. Gates' book rings true because it resonates with all of Obama's critics and is putting a face on Obama's ever faltering legacy. The face is not pretty.

The President's handling of the Benghazi murders, his allowing Syrian chemical weapons to remain despite an agreement, the resurgence of al Qaeda in Iraq, the undue and inappropriate pressure on Israel, and the appeasement of the Iranians - all point to a President who is incompetent, despises foreign policy decisions, and has made the world a more dangerous place than before he took over as President.

Robert Gates is a rare individual who felt that it was his responsibility to criticize a sitting president (which is almost never done) because he feels the book could help America stay strong. He is a true patriot who values all that America stands for. He should be congratulated for his brave and bold attempt at correcting a situation that is nearing, if not already on, the precipice.