MK Kalfa: Leftist Groups Using Illegals

Illegal migrant workers from Africa are not the real issue, says MK Zvulun Kalfa (Jewish Home) – but a symptom of a much bigger problem.

David Lev ,

Illegal immigrants march through Jerusalem
Illegal immigrants march through Jerusalem
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The tens of thousands of illegal migrant workers from Africa that have inundated Israel are not the real issue at stake, said MK Zvulun Kalfa (Jewish Home), but are merely a symptom of a much bigger problem: that of the leftist groups who use them to push their agenda of “softening” the Jewish character of Israel.

“There is a trend in Israel that has been growing, where all sorts of groups have set for themselves a goal of changing the character of Israel,” said Kalfa. “The time has come to cut off funding for these groups and prevent them from acting, not to cry and yell after they have done their damage.”

According to a recent report, the migrant groups had a great deal of “inside help” in organizing their recent mass protests in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Among other groups, the demonstrations were organized by the “Refugee Assistance Fund,” an organization led by several well-known Israeli leftists. Among those funding the group is the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, various European Union groups, and the New Israel Fund, infamous for funding leftist projects and organizations like Peace Now and Yesh Gvul.

The demonstrators have been demanding that they be granted refugee status and be allowed to remain in Israel. In recent weeks, Israel has begun rounding up illegals whose work visas have expired and detaining them at a new facility in southern Israel built to hold them as the government worked on ways to deport them.

“Israel is a Jewish state, and we cannot allow a situation where Jews feel threatened in their homeland,” said Kalfa. “The time has come to take care of the problem, the leftist groups behind this movement, who are the cause of the symptom, the illegals, who remain a thorn in our side.”