Illegals to End Strike but 'Continue Struggle'

Illegal immigrants will return to work, but promise to continue to fight the new infiltrators' law.

Elad Benari ,

Illegal immigrants demonstrate in Tel Aviv
Illegal immigrants demonstrate in Tel Aviv
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Illegal immigrants who have been staging protests against the Israeli government in recent days announced Sunday that their week-long strike will end, but not the struggle.

"We ended the strike, but we still continue the struggle," one of the protest leaders, Mu'atasem Ali, told Haaretz Sunday night.

In the past week, the illegal aliens have not been reporting to work, choosing instead to protest over a new law allowing their detainment in facilities for up to a year as their status is clarified.

"The businesses [for which we work] are cooperating with us,” said Ali. “They told us, 'We support you, but please also help us.’ So we said that whoever wants to, can come back to work and help them.”

Last Wednesday, the infiltrators took their protest from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and surrounded the Knesset building.

The infiltrators demanded to meet Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Interior Minister Gideon Saar. Leftist MKs requested that infiltrator representatives be allowed into the parliament building, but Knesset Speaker MK Yuli Edelstein did not approve the request.

The government was unfazed by the protest, saying that the policy towards illegal infiltrators will remain unchanged.

It was decided that Israel will continue to transfer illegal infiltrators to the holding facility in Holot and continue to encourage infiltrators to leave Israel willingly.

The United Nations criticized Israel’s policy towards illegal immigrants, accusing Israel of “sowing fear and chaos” among the illegal aliens and declaring that they should be referred to as “asylum seekers” and not “infiltrators”.

Saar, however, has stated that "only a small minority of the massive community even presented requests" for shelter as refugees, adding "the decisive majority of requests are from job seekers, and not refugees."

The illegal migrants' protests are organized by leftist groups that attempt to create the impression that they are spontaneous.