Podcast: Northern Israelis Under Fire Speak Out

A resident of Kiryat Shmona described Sunday's rocket attack from Lebanon and the atmosphere in the city.

Ben Bresky and Arutz Sheva Staff,

Iron Dome anti missile system
Iron Dome anti missile system

Shaul Cohen has had his share of close calls, like many residents of Kiryat Shmona. The northern Israeli town suffered a rocket attack from Lebanon on Sunday, bringing back bad memories of past incidents. Cohen spoke on Arutz Sheva's News & Views Call-In Show with Tamar Yonah on the day of the attack, to describe his experiences.

"Our house has a bomb shelter, but there are older people who don't have one in their building and have to run 100 meters to a public shelter. And some people don't have anywhere to go," he said. 

He recalled his memories of the 2006 Second Lebanon War, in which the city suffered approximately 1,000 rocket attacks out of a total of about 4,000 fired at Israeli civilians by Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

"We had friends from Jerusalem who invited us to stay with them," he explained. But his two oldest sons had different plans. "They were each 18 and 19 years old and after a few days they said, Abba (dad) we can't stay here when there are older people still in Kiryat Shmona. So they drove back to city and were working with the rockets falling helping with the elderly and the sick," Cohen said.

As far as the political situation is concerned, Cohen says many in the northern town are both angry and defiant. "A lot of people in Kiryat Shmona say they would be willing to sit in a shelter for a week or more if we could finish the problem once and for all," he related.

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