Israel-US Recipes: Creamy Potato Salad

Read carefully - the trick is in letting the potato-onion-salt-oil mixture sit for a while before adding mayo.

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Arutz Sheva Staff,

Israel news photo: Flash 90

This delicious salad originates, at least as far as Arutz Sheva knows, in Montreal, and is one of the late Bertha Rosenzweig's homey and scrumptious recipes.

Passed on to her sister in Jerusalem תבדל"א, it is just as good with Israeli ingredients and a sure hit on Shabbat.


3 large regular potatoes (see picture)

1/2 medium onion, diced fine - you may want more after first experiment

salt to taste

1 tbs. canola oil (try olive, not everyone likes the stronger taste it imparts)

large dollop mayonnaise (the oil allows you to use less mayonnaise)

Boil the potatoes in their jackets, until a fork pierces them easily and they are done. Drain and let cool, even overnight. Peel, dice and place in salad bowl.  Add salt (taste it!), diced onion and oil. Leave in refrigerator, covered, for at least an hour and preferably two or three. Add a large dollop of mayonnaise  or mroe  until desired consistency is reached and serve. Some people add halved cherry tomatoes and/or slivered raw carrots, some add pickles or scallions, but stick to the original..