Yesh Atid Political Appointment Scam Alleged

Nationalist MKs warned that Finance Ministry is giving preference to leftist women and Arabs in tender for directors.

Gil Ronen ,

Activists demonstrate against former NIF head
Activists demonstrate against former NIF head
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A conservative women's group says that Yesh Atid leader, Finance Minister Yair Lapid, is helping the extreme Left appoint hundreds of its supporters to key positions, and masking the ploy as “affirmative action” for women and Arabs.

Kati Cohen, who heads Women for Israel (NELI), addressed an urgent letter to several key Knesset Members from Likud-Beytenu and the Jewish Home (Bayit Yehudi), in which she explained how the scam allegedly works.

Cohen notes that the Finance Ministry recently published a message to the general public, inviting people to take part in a tender for the appointment of 500 directors to governmental companies. The tender is biased in favor of women in general, and Arab women in particular, supposedly as “corrective discrimination” or “affirmative action.” The bias in favor of women and Arabs is anchored in legislation and has received the sanction of the Supreme Court.

“Many of the directors already serving in governmental company boards are members or activists in the 'Israel Women's Network', a New Israel Fund organization,” notes Cohen.

The New Israel Fund has been exposed in recent years as a radical fund that supports subversive groups, while posing as a normative Zionist one. The fund denies these allegations.

Cohen explains: "The de facto meaning of the 'corrective discrimination' in this tender is: the possibility of adding 500 women who are leftist activists to the positions of directors in governmental companies!”

"In view of Yair Lapid's political views and his excellent connections with the Israel Women's Network,” she adds, “there is a reason for concern that the new directors, and especially the female directors, will be selected from the group of candidates put forth by the Israel Women's Network and the other leftist groups.”

Cohen asks the MKs to take action and make sure that the committee sorting the candidates and selecting them is politically balanced, and that it operates with transparence.

According to The Marker, 10,200 out of 13,780 people who presented their candidacy for the positions of directors have been disqualified in recent days, because of their lack of managerial experience and lack of work experience in their fields of study

These candidates will be classified according to their educational and business-managerial experience in the coming weeks. The minimum experience required for men will be 15 years. For women – only 10 years.

The mass appointment of directors is supposedly meant to “clean” the directorates of politics, writes The Marker, but the Head of the Governmental Companies Authority, Uri Yogev, admits that many of the new candidates are political activists or otherwise politically linked. He said that candidates' political ties will be examined in the interview stage.