Soldiers on Front Lines in Rescue Efforts

Thousands of IDF soldiers clear trees, distribute warm blankets and water, and help with evacuations.

Maayana Miskin ,

Soldiers provide assistance during storm
Soldiers provide assistance during storm
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Thousands of IDF soldiers spent the weekend and Sunday helping those left without power by the heavy snowstorm that hit late last week.

The IDF’s Logistics branch supplied 1,000 warm blankets, 20,000 prepared meals, 31,000 heating packets and 20,000 water bottles to those in need. The branch also contributed 18 buses to rescue efforts.

IDF Central Command supplied vehicles as well. Several Hummers and armored vehicles were put into use rescuing those left stranded by the storm, or stuck in freezing homes without power or water.

Hundreds of soldiers went to work repairing damages from the storm, particularly in the Jerusalem area. Soldiers removed trees that were downed by the snow and wind.

Soldiers from the Duchifat unit and Kfir brigade joined the Homefront Command in providing assistance to those in local emergency centers.

The IDF also supplied fuel to Jerusalem hospitals and to institutes in the capital that assist various populations.

Roughly 16,000 homes in Israel remained without power as of Sunday morning. At least 3,000 homes were cut off from both power and water, primarily in Judea and Samaria (Shomron).

Dozens of people were evacuated overnight by IDF soldiers and volunteers, and at least one family was evacuated by helicopter on Sunday morning due to extreme low temperatures.