Where Art Thou, O Brother?

AIPAC has fallen into line with Obama, who has enabled Iran to obtain a nuclear bomb, writes Dr. Joseph Frager.

Joseph Frager, MD,

Dr. Joseph Frager
Dr. Joseph Frager
Courtesy: Dr. Joseph Frager

The recent interim deal signed by President Obama and Iran has enabled Iran to obtain a nuclear bomb.

Initially, it looked like Democrats headed by Senator Chuck Schumer would continue to be critical of the six-month accord and apply enough pressure on the President to scrap the deal at the first infraction or violation. It did not take long for the Democrats to back off and fall into line with the President. It also did not take long for AIPAC and others to do the same.

Jewish organizations should know better. This is not the first time in our history that world leaders have sold us a "bill of goods". According to Ambassador John Bolton who has been critical of the Iranian nuclear threat for well over ten years, it will take Iran less than the six months given in the agreement to develop a nuclear bomb. In other words, the accord gives Iran just enough time and room to maneuver towards their ultimate goal of becoming a nuclear power.

The foolhardy loosening of sanctions which was estimated by the Obama Administration at six billion dollars is now up to eight billion dollars and climbing fast. It will no doubt reach closer to the Israeli estimate of twenty to thirty billion dollars when all is said and done. It is quite a windfall for Iran at a time when they finally were beginning to feel the impact of sanctions which only got to a significant level last June.

It has also been reported that the nuclear facility at Arak has not stopped making plutonium, which is an alternate way to making a bomb. It is also unclear how many facilities Iran actually has which were not included in the interim deal. On top of that, if you actually are naive enough to believe that you can trust Iran after all of these years of smoke and mirrors, then you have a serious mental illness.

The President has a track record of not telling the truth, whether it was blaming a movie for the Benghazi massacre, whether it was over Obamacare and one's ability to keep your insurance if you would like, and now over Iran.

What he is not telling the public is that he does not really care if Iran gets "nukes". He believes in the absurd concept of "containment" that preaches the world actually can stop the Iranians even if they have "nukes". Israel and its friends cannot stand idly by and watch this charade. America, for that matter, cannot afford to watch this charade either. Both are in Iran's crosshairs. Iran is playing the President like a fiddle and the music is cacophonous. All those who can see and hear the broken notes and chords should stand up before it is too late.

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