RAF Chopper in Jordan Valley Forced Landing

The aircraft had been en route from Amman to Cyprus when it experienced a technical fault.

Gil Ronen ,

Helicopter (illustrative)
Helicopter (illustrative)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A British military helicopter made a forced landing in the Jordan Valley on Sunday with no casualties, the Israeli military said, denying reports it landed in an Israeli minefield.

"A helicopter of the British Royal Air Force made an emergency landing in the Jordan Valley due to a technical fault," a spokeswoman told AFP.

"It did not land in a minefield," she added.

Israeli military sources added that the aircraft had been en route from Amman, Jordan, to Cyprus when it landed in Israeli territory close to the Jordanian border.

Israeli military personnel were helping the British crew carry out repairs and it was expected to continue its flight, the sources said.

In London, a Ministry of Defense statement confirmed the incident.

"An RAF helicopter has made a precautionary landing in the West Bank in the course of a flight following a routine exercise. The crew are safe and well," it said.