6 Arrested in Connection to Soldier Atias's Murder

6 suspected of employing, housing and aiding 16 year old terrorist who stabbed Eden Atias Hy''d to death.

Ari Yashar, Arutz Sheva Staff,

Family of Eden Atias mourns him at his coffin
Family of Eden Atias mourns him at his coffin

On Wednesday it was announced that the police have arrested 6 suspects over possible involvement in the murder of 19 year old soldier Eden Atias Hy''d three weeks ago at Afula Central Bus Station.

Atias was stabbed to death while sleeping on a bus by a 16 year old Arab terrorist from the Palestinian Authority city of Jenin.

The 6 who were arrested are suspected of illegally staying in Israel, along with employing, housing and aiding the suspected murderer, who is himself expected to be charged in the coming days.

Among the arrests, an indicted was filed Wednesday against a 26 year old resident of Nazereth Illit that employed the suspected murderer as a cleaner. The police have requested to keep the suspect under arrested until proceedings are completed.

Atias' murder ignited an uproar in Israel as hundreds protested in Jerusalem following the murder, demanding action be taken.