Herzog: No Pact with Livni; Netanyahu Bungles US-Israel Relation

New Labor Party head Yitzhak Herzog denies reports of emerging pact with Livni's HaTnua party, attacks PM over international relations.

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Tova Dvorin,

MK Yitzchak Herzog
MK Yitzchak Herzog
Flash 90

Labor party Chairman Yitzhak Herzog attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Thursday over the status of US-Israel relations in an interview with IDF Radio.

"The mistake of Netanyahu's government is that he attempts to wage war on all fronts," Herzog stated. "You cannot fight with everyone all the time." 

Herzog added that the result has been Israel retreating somewhat on its stance on the nuclear issue. "We have a multi-front war, but no idea where our tactics are leading us," he stated. 

"The Prime Minister had everyone's support when he began discussing the Iran nuclear issue," he continued, "but he lost his handle on things due to Iran's sophisticated tactics" to woo the international community. Herzog maintained that Netanyahu's responsibility was to respond with equal cunning and sophistication. 

Earlier this week, Herzog also accused the PM of causing "unneccessary panic" regarding the Iran issue. 

"It's just an interim agreement, judgment day has not come yet," he said, adding, "[Netanyahu] took the right step when he put the Iranian issue on the global map, but now he is just spoiling the dish. I think it creates unnecessary panic . This is not doomsday, it has not yet arrived.”

Herzog also shot down rumors that Labor is in the midst of forming a partnership with HaTnua, the left-wing party headed by Justice Minister Tzipi Livni. While Labor and HaTnua are both Leftist parties, HaTnua is in the government, whereas Labor is not. 

"Throughout the [national elections] campaign, there was a call for a big Center-Left bloc," he noted. "Livni's policies do not serve that bloc - they are more geared toward her own, and her party's own, personal interests." 

"Participating in the government against the Lapid-Bennett partnership? I won't be there," he concluded, referencing the cooperation between Centrist party Yesh Atid and the more right-wing Jewish Home. "I don't play games in this coalition."