Liberman to International Community: Do Not Enable Nuclear Iran

At conference Friday, FM emphasizes importance of refuting Iran deal, maintaining US-Israel ties.

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Back in business: FM Avigdor Liberman
Back in business: FM Avigdor Liberman
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Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman (Likud Beytenu), at Friday's Annual Conference for Real Estate Investors and Contractors in Israel, called on the international community to oppose any agreement with Iran that would allow the continuation of nuclear weapons.

"The debate and major negotiations being conducted in Geneva is over the recognition of Iran's right to enrich uranium and become a nuclear threshold state," the Foreign Minister explained. 

"Iran is not Japan and not Germany, which are also threshold states  - but are also states that are responsible, peaceful and with checks and balances. Iran does not even have one of these, and therefore the international community must not accept conditions that could enable Iran, at any moment, to become a country with a nuclear bomb," he continued. 

Liberman argued that legitimizing Tehran to enrich uranium would bring a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, a situation so horrifying "that even the worst horror films made ​​in Hollywood cannot begin to describe the scenario it would create." According to Liberman, "Israel is a strong country that knows how to cope with every situation - but the threat of a nuclear Iran is in the world's hands, and especially threatens Iran's immediate neighbors." 

"Iran is not equipping long-range ballistic missiles because it use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes", said Liberman. He then condemned international ignorance, noting that "even Khamenei's hate speech against Jews do not indicate that the Iranians are the peacemakers." That remark references anti-Israel threats made by Ayatollah Khamenei in the past week - threats which the international community, and even the US to some extent, has willfully ignored

The Foreign Minister also reports more strained relations between him and the Obama administration, but qualifies the situation. "Israel can not be conducted in the modern world without coordination and assistance of the United States, who the primary and most important strategic partner of the State of Israel. Precisely for that reason, we must understand that Israel is not the only child of the United States and we must also consider their difficulties and help them by developing a diversified foreign policy." 

At the end of his speech, Liberman emphasized that "no alliance with any other country will be equal to the special relationship between Israel and the United States, but strengthening Israel's position and developing additional connections is beneficial to both Israel and the United States."