Bill to Erase Combat Vets' Juvenile Record

Youths from troubled background who serve as combat soldiers deserve a clean slate, says bill's initiator.

Gil Ronen,

Flash 90

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation will discuss on Sunday a bill that would expunge the juvenile criminal records of veterans of combat military service.

The bill was proposed by MK Orli Levy-Abekasis (Likud / Yisrael Beytenu). 

She explained that it is meant to enable youths from troubled backgrounds who were rehabilitated during their military service, and served as combat soldiers or even as commanders, to re-enter society after their service without a "mark of Cain" on their foreheads.

"Whereas the state trusted them to defend its citizens with their bodies, souls and weapons," she added, "after their service, when they are civilians again, and seek jobs in security or other positions that require a gun permit, they find themselves sidelined and tagged as 'unfit' because of a stain in their past."

Levi-Abekasis noted that a criminal juvenile record can prevent a combat veteran from working as a security guard, even as he continues to be called up for reserve military service, where he carries a weapon.

The inspiration for the bill came from a veteran of the Paratroopers who contacted Levi-Abekasis and told her that he was not allowed to carry a weapon as a civilian because of his juvenile record. Tragically, he was killed in a traffic accident and did not get to see the pardon he was eventually given by the President.

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