Amb. Shapiro on Iran: Force is an Option

US ambassador says the goal is to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons by diplomacy, 'if possible.'

Gil Ronen,

Ambassador Shapiro
Ambassador Shapiro
Gil Hadani

US Ambassador in Israel, Daniel Shapiro, said Wednesday that the US would use military force against Iran if it had to.

Speaking at Haifa University, Ambassador Shapiro said, “Our goal is clear: to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, through diplomacy and sanctions if possible, but also in other ways, including a military option, if required. We will not fail to meet that goal.”

The ambassador said that the US had “no greater commitment” than to prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear weapon and that on this critical matter, Israel and the US have a common motive.

"President Obama was very clear in his position, that he will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, period. And we are willing to use all that is needed, in terms of our political power, to make sure that we fulfill this position,” he added.

The ambassador noted that in cooperation with allies, including Israel, his country placed very heavy sanctions on Iran, which eventually brought it to the negotiating table. The relief that Iran will be given, according to the deal currently being offered it, will be limited, and its goal is to make it possible to advance in negotiations toward the goal of denying Iran nulcear weapons.

He spoke at the inauguration of the Ruderman Program for the Study of US Jewry.