Jordan Applies for Seat on UN Security Council

Jordan has applied for a two-year term on the UN Security Council, replacing the Saudis who rejected their seat.

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UN Security Council
UN Security Council
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Jordan has applied for a two-year term on the UN Security Council, its information minister told AFP on Monday.

"Jordan has officially applied for a non-permanent seat on the UN security Council. The kingdom is interested in this seat and realizes its political and diplomatic responsibilities," the minister, Mohammad Momonai, said.

"The country hopes to receive international support for this application, which comes as a result of Jordan's balanced and rational policies," he told AFP.

Earlier this month, a UN diplomat said Jordan will replace Saudi Arabia on the United Nations Security Council for a two-year term starting in January.

The Saudis rejected the seat in October, just hours after they were elected.

Saudi Arabia's Foreign Ministry issued a scathing attack on Security Council failures in solving the crisis in Syria and the Israeli-Arab conflict when it rejected its newly won seat.

Saudi Arabia has been a key backer of rebel groups fighting to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad since March 2011. The Security Council has failed to act on the crisis because Russia and China, two of Assad’s closest allies, have consistently vetoed resolutions that condemn the Syrian government.

While the Saudis have rejected their Security Council seat, they were awarded a “consolation prize” in the form of admission to the UN Human Rights Council. Jordan was originally a contender for the Human Rights Council seat, but dropped its bid, essentially switching councils with the Saudis.

Saudi Arabia was one of several countries with questionable human rights records to win seats on the Human Rights Council last week.

Other countries to win seats on the council were China, Russia, Algeria, Cuba and Vietnam.