Toronto Mayor Told To Take Break, Refuses To Step Down

Rob Ford refuses to leave his post, even as municipal council votes for him to take temporary break over new revelations of his conduct.

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Dalit Halevi, Ari Yashar,

Rob Ford
Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford refuses to leave his post, even as the Municipal Council voted Wednesday to call on him to immediately take a temporary leave of his post amid new revelations of the mayor's shocking conduct.

The Council further asked the integrity commissioner to recommend sanctions on Ford for breaking the council’s code of conduct, reports the Toronto Star.

Just last week a video showing Ford shouting death threats at an unknown opponent demonstrated the mayor's inappropriate conduct, alcoholism and drug usage.

On Wednesday during the hearing of city councilors, Ford menacingly approached Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, author of the censure motion that passed, before another councilor and the mayor's brother intervened.

The same day additional documents were cleared for release to the media which reveal even further shocking behavior by Ford, reports Shalom Toronto.

The documents, which were attached to an arrest warrant for drug trafficking on Ford's former driver Alexander Lisi, include testimony from workers in Ford's office that the mayor is an alcoholic and fixed user of light and hard drugs.

From the information various new revelations have come out.

A waiter told police that he saw Ford sitting in a 'private room' at his pub with a woman, and when he approached they tried to hide something that appeared to be cocaine. The same night Ford behaved inappropriately, seemingly under the drug's influence.

Furthermore, several women reportedly arrived at the mayor's office telling workers that Ford had promised them work after they smoked marijuana together outside of some pubs.

One worker at Ford's office reports having seen the mayor in his room with people he didn't recognize, including a women that appears to have been a prostitute.