Diaspora Jewry Must Ask: 'Why Be Jewish?'

Former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks says Diaspora Jewry must focus on the 'Why?' if it is to have a future.

Yoni Kempinski and Ari Soffer ,

Former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

What must Diaspora Jewry do to secure its future? How can Jewish communities, from the UK to the US, foster real visionary leadership? 

These are questions which America's Jewish leadership have been pondering for decades - and never more so than now, in light of recent polls showing a weakening in Jewish identity among American Jews.

According to Britain's former Chief Rabbi it all boils down to a return to fundamentals, to asking the simple question: "why be Jewish?"

Explaining his position further Rabbi Sacks asserted that "if you know where you want to be - however lost you are there is a route from here to there... the real task is to know: what is the destination?"

In an impassioned speech at the 2013 General Assembly of The Jewish Federation of North America in Jerusalem, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks told how, during his 22 years as Chief Rabbi of United Hebrew Congregations of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, he formulated an answer: being different.

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