Jewish Agency: It's Time to Focus on Education Together

Jewish Agency Director General stresses 'Israel education' and programs connecting young Jews to Israel at JA Assembly event.

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Yoni Kempinski, Ari Yashar,

Allan Hoffmann, Jewish Agency's Gen. Dir.
Allan Hoffmann, Jewish Agency's Gen. Dir.
Yoni Kempinski

Arutz Sheva interviewed Director General of the Jewish Agency Alan Hoffmann at the 2013 Jewish Agency Assembly. Beyond simple Israel advocacy and support, the event's discussion revolved around an "Israel education" which addresses a critical assessment of the state. 

Hoffman noted the event stressed "Israel education," saying that through programs connecting young Jews to Israel the Jewish Agency will continue working for world Jewry.

He remarked that some Jews do not address their questions about Israel, feeling that to do so would imply disloyalty. He stressed the need for young Jews to be engaged and critical at the same time.

According to Hoffmann the Jewish Agency acts in several ways to reach young Jews and get them informed and active.

He noted that 1,500 young Israelis are sent to Jewish summer camps around the world to meet 60,000 kids and represent Israel, and furthermore that the Jewish Agency is a partner in the Birthright program which has brought 40,000 young Jews to Israel on free guided trips, with an additional 11,000 coming on Masa programs that have them studying or working in Israel for longer periods of time.

In the future the Jewish Agency plans to expand its presence on social networks to further connect with and engage young Jews.

Last Wednesday a two-day strategic planning summit for joint initiatives between Israel and world Jewry was held in Jerusalem, attended by Israeli government officials and Jewish leaders from around the world.

Hoffmann called the event an "important milestone" in the relationship between the state of Israel and world Jewry, saying Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government has turned to world Jewry offering to help the communities and organizations as partners.

Meanwhile the Jewish Federations of North America is holding its General Assembly in Jerusalem this year, where the issues confronting the Jewish world will be discussed as well.