Toronto Mayor Took Crack, Shouted Death Threats

Film clip reveals drunken Mayor Ford shouting obscene death threats, comes on heels of cocaine smoking admission.

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Dalit Halevi, Ari Yashar,

Rob Ford
Rob Ford

On Thursday a video showing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford shouting obscenity laden death threats at an unidentified man was released, only days after the Canadian Mayor admitted to smoking cocaine.

Shalom Toronto reports that the video, filmed by a cell phone camera, was put up for sale and received offers for thousands of dollars. Eventually the seller sent a short clip to the Sun News showing an intoxicated Ford acting inappropriately.

Among various statements in the video, Ford is seen saying "I need ****ing ten minutes to make sure that he's dead," in reference to his unknown disputant.

The Huffington Post reports that the full video clip was purchased by the Toronto Star. It further shows the drunken Ford threatening first degree murder and threatening to slit the man's throat while he's on the ground.

BBC reports that Ford apologized for the clip, saying he was "extremely, extremely inebriated."

The news comes after the controversial Mayor admitted Tuesday to having smoked cocaine while being drunk.

The Toronto police conducted an investigation, finding that Ford held long relations with criminals and drug dealers. They further unearthed a video of the mayor smoking cocaine with three drug dealers, one of whom was killed in March 2013.

Ford resisted the many calls for him to resign that followed the disclosure, calls which the latest revelation have only increased.