Iraq Ablaze: Major Upswing in Bombings

Iraq's instability reaching new highs as a wave of bombings washes over the country this week.

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Illustrative: Terrorist attacks in Baghdad
Illustrative: Terrorist attacks in Baghdad
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The violence in Iraq continues to surge as a wave of bombings left tens of victims in its wake this past week.

BBC reported Wednesday that three separate bombings killed at least 20 people throughout the country. The deadliest attacked occurred Tuesday night north of Baghdad, where two suicide bombers killed at least 11 security personnel.

Meanwhile on Thursday bombings at a car dealership in Baqouba along with other attacks killed another 12 people according to ABC News.

The US officially withdrew from Iraq three years ago. Since then the Shiite-led government has faced strong resistance from Sunni militant factions, primarily al-Qaeda, and has struggled to maintain order.

On Sunday Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki flew to the US to request aid in halting the upsurge of Sunni violence. The same day Iraq witnessed 10 explosions that rocked Baghdad in addition to other attacks throughout the country, bringing the day's toll to 41 dead.

AFP estimates place Iraq's death toll at over 650 for the month of October, and over 5,300 since the beginning of 2013. 

After massive al-Qaeda jail breaks in July it was reported that the terrorist group is on the rise in war-torn Iraq, dampening expectations for a cease in violence in the near future.