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      Poll: Shas Members Prefer Eli Yishai Over Aryeh Deri

      As Aryeh Deri strengthens his position in the Shas party, poll reveals that party members prefer ousted party leader Eli Yishai.
      By Tova Dvorin
      First Publish: 10/30/2013, 6:28 AM

      MK Eli Yishai
      MK Eli Yishai
      Israel news photo: Flash 90

      Shas party members actually preferred the leadership of former party leader MK Eli Yishai, far over current party leader MK Aryeh Deri, a poll by the "Panels" organization has revealed today on the Knesset Channel

      56% of Shas supporters answered that MK Eli Yishai needs to be reinstated as the Shas party leader. Only 32% preferred the current leading MK, Aryeh Deri. 

      Due to the loss of Deri-endorsed mayoral candidate Moshe Leon in the Jerusalem municipal elections, 42% of Shas supporters believe that Deri should resign and that Yishai take the post, and 40% believe that Deri should afford Yishai greater respect. 

      42% of Shas supporters have also come to believe that Deri has become a liability for the party, and only 28% believe that negative statements regarding Deri are mistaken. 

      Other interesting statistics to emerge from the poll include projected results from the national elections if they were held today. The results: Likud Beitenu - 31 seats, Labor - 17 seats, Bayit HaYehudi (Jewish Home) - 17 seats, Yesh Atid - 12 seats, Shas under Deri leadership - 10 seats, United Torah Judaism - 7 seats, HaTnua - 4 seats, 6 seats to Arab parties and no seats at all to Kadima.