New iPhones to Arrive in Israel Next Week

The 3 big Israeli cell phone companies have already offered the hot commodity for sale in advance; official launch is set for November 3.

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Tova Dvorin,

iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S
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Apple's new iPhones officially arrive in Israel next week, on Sunday, November 3. They will be offered by all three major cell phone companies.  All three companies have also already begun to take orders in advance for the hot commodities. 

Cellcom was the first company to offer the iPhone 5S and 5C for early sale, for 3,699 NIS and 2,999 NIS, respectively, for 16GB of storage. Cellcom offers the 5C in white, red, and green. 

At Orange, the 5S will be sold for 3647NIS, whereas the 5C is being offered for 3047NIS, in all of the iPhone's available colors, including blue and gold. The company will also be offering the 32GB 5S, but no price has yet been published. 

Pelephone is offering the iPhones for 3683NIS for the 5S and 3222NIS for the 5C, which will be offered in red, white, and blue. However, Pelephone customers will only be able to receive their iPhones on Monday, November 4, one day after the official release. 

iPhones in Israel, in general, cost nearly twice the price as an unlocked iPhone ordered directly from Apple in the US. The high price for new phones has sparked the rise in smaller, SIM-based cell phone carriers, such as Golan Telecom and Rami Levy.