Bereaved Mother: Cemetery Protest 'Despicable'

Revital Einhorn, whose son was killed in Lebanon, says protesters against terrorist release acted unforgivably.

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Arutz Sheva,

Signs placed on graves
Signs placed on graves
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Revital Einhorn, whose son Yonatan Hy”d was killed in the Second Lebanon War, says she was angered by the actions of protesters who placed signs at the graves of fallen soldiers in the Har Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem Monday evening. The signs read: "Sorry we forgot: From our point of view, your deaths were in vain,” with the words "the government of Israel" at the bottom. 

The signs were planted as a protest against the release of terrorist murderers.

“It doesn't matter if the protest is justified or not, if the release is justified or not” Einhorn told Arutz Sheva. “I think that placing signs in the plots of our loved ones is despicable.”

As a bereaved mother, she said, she cannot forgive the people who did this. “I don't know if they put a sign on the grave of my son at Har Herzl, but no one has the right to put signs on the graves of other soldiers who fell. If they put it on the grave of their own son, that is one thing, but putting it on graves of other children is an unforgivable act.”

Einhorn likened the act to trespassing on private property. “The protest cannot be at the expense of my son's gravestone. It is as if they entered my own home and put up a protest sign. Struggles should not be conducted in this way.”