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Daily Israel Report

JNF's CEO: We Are the Only Nation Linked to a Land

Arutz ShevaTV accompanied JNF Chief Executive Officer Russell Robinson during the national conference in Denver.
By Hezki Ezra
First Publish: 10/28/2013, 3:13 AM

The Jewish National Fund 2013 National Conference is taking place in Denver, Colorado. Arutz Sheva accompanied JNF Chief Executive Officer Russell Robinson as the event was about to begin.

As Robinson explains, the event is a lot about raising funds, and he is proud of the organization's supporters. To all those who support and donate, Robinson has the numbers and the proof that the money is directed to important contributing causes.

The conference is also an opportunity to present Israel's unique methods and technology in the field of foresting. The JNF Chief also related to the protests which took place outside as the conference began.