Video: Bomb Kills, Injures Dozens of Hezbollah Men

Rebels' video shows building collapsing in Syria, apparently burying many Hezbollah fighters under it.

Dalit Halevy ,

Building demolished
Building demolished

The Military Council of the Free Syrian Army in the Damascus region said Sunday that dozens of Hezbollah fighters were killed or injured in an explosion that brought down one of the buildings serving the Lebanese Shiite militia's military headquarters at Al-Saida Zainab, south of Damascus.

Al Arabiya reports fierce fighting at Al-Saida Zainab between rebel forces and the Syrian army, which is reinforced by Hezbollah forces and the Iraqi Shiite militia, the Abu al-Fadel Abbas Regiment.

In a video distributed by the rebels, the Hezbollah HQ building can be seen collapsing following an explosion.

At least 15 Hezbollah fighters were killed on Saturday by Syrian rebels in Damascus' Ghouta district, Al Arabiya television reported, citing opposition sources.

A video posted on the internet showed dead soldiers with Hezbollah label patches on their uniforms.