US-Israel Recipes: Burghul Salad

From A7's Hebrew site, a healthful addition to any meal.

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Al Hamishkal Natural Foods, | updated: 16:53

Burghul Salad
Burghul Salad
Al Hamishkal

An easy recipe sent to Arutz Sheva by the "Al Hamishkal" (literally, on the scale, by weight) - the chain for health foods, natural nuts and spices, located in the Shaar Binyamin shopping center, with branches in Karnei Shomron and Givat Shaul Malls.


1 cup burghul

chopped fresh parsley, dill, coriander - any or all

1 cubed cucumber

1 cubed tomato

4 dried tomatoes, cut into small pieces

1 chopped Bermuda onion

3 scallions

virgin olive oil

salt, pepper

1.5 tsp. lemon juice

Soak the burghul in tepid water one half inch above the level of the grains, until as soft as desired. There is no need to cook the grains.

Drain all the water, and mix in the greens and all the other ingredients with a fork.

Add the spices to taste.

The salad will taste better if served after being refrigerated overnight.

Optional, but delicious: Add pine nutws, pomegranate seeds, chopped apple or craisins.