Egyptian Army Officer Killed in Sinai Bomb Blast

Four others wounded in the blast, as Egyptian security forces continue to battle Islamist terrorists in restive Sinai Peninsula

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Ari Soffer,

Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai Peninsula
Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai Peninsula
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An Egyptian Army officer has been killed in an apparent bomb attack in the country's restive Sinai Peninsula.

Four other soldiers were injured in the blast, which took place in Rafah, in northern Sinai.

A growing Islamist insurgency has taken root in the Sinai since the toppling of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

Following the ouster of his successor, Mohammed Morsi, on July 3 this year, Islamists stepped up their attacks on security forces and others seen as supporting Morsi's overthrow.

Recent months have seen the Egyptian military deploy in unprecedented numbers in the Sinai Peninsula, as interim authorities seek to stamp out the insurgency.

On Friday Islamist gunman shot dead a 31 year-old police officer, riddling his body with 17 bullets before making their escape, according to Egypt's Al Ahram news.

Yesterday, the paper reported that the Turkish government had advised Hamas - the Islamist group which governs neighboring Gaza, and whom Egyptian authorities accuse of colluding with terrorists in the Sinai - not to engage in reconciliation with Egyptian authorities.