'Turning Science-Fiction into Science'

Monday saw the first annual BrainTech event, which provides a forum to learn about the latest in brain technologies, open in Tel Aviv.

David Lev,

    Dr. Rafi Gidron, Founder and chairman Isr
Dr. Rafi Gidron, Founder and chairman Isr
Yoni Kempinski

On Monday, the first annual BrainTech event, called BrainTech 2013, opened in Tel Aviv. The event is sponsored by Israel Brain Technologies, a non-profit group.

BrainTech 2013 provides a forum for researchers from around the world to meet with investors, entrepreneurs, startups, and international corporations, who will learn about the latest in brain technologies from Israel and around the world. During the event, the latest in practical breakthroughs in brain research, neurtechnology, computerization, treatment of brain-related diseases, game research, and more.

Opening the event was Dr. Rafi Gidron, chairman and founder of Israel Brain Technologies. During his speech, he wore a helmet which consisted of sensors that transmitted his brain waves in real time to a giant video screen. Gidron said that “it would be wonderful if we could take a peek into the brain of the boss or our loved ones. We are here today to show the possibilities that will come with development of the field, and to turn them into reality. It is important for us to work with this amazing machine located between our ears, which is responsible for all the great inventions of the world, from the Mona Lisa to Beethoven's Fifth to Pink Floyd's “The Wall.”

“We received this gift when we were born, but it is far from perfect,” Gidron continued. “In the Western world, one out of every four people suffers from a brain-related disease, while one in five suffers from depression at some point in their lives. Alzheimer's Syndrome is the most widespread disease in the world. One out of two people are expected to suffer from it, and others will suffer from Parkinson's, schizophrenia, shock, and more. This is a ticking time bomb that is planted in the minds of everyone, and that could destroy the world's economy.

“The mission of researching the brain and is a simple one compared to the challenges we will face if we do not encourage this research,” Gidron said.

“This is why brain research must take place on all levels, from entrepreneurs, academic research, legislation, government, and more. We are glad you could all come, because we must begin now, in our joint mission – to turn science fiction into science,” he said.