'Substantial Improvement' in Rabbi Ovadia's Condition

Prof. Dan Gilon of Hadassah Hospital says rabbi is "opening his eyes, hearing us and responding better."

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Gil Ronen,

Prof. Gilon
Prof. Gilon
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Prof. Dan Gilon, who is in charge of the care for Rabbi Ovadia Yosef at Hadassah Hospital, told Kol Beramah Radio Wednesday that the health of the venerated rabbi continues to improve. There has been a marked change for the better, compared to previous days, he said.

"Yesterday we reported that the trend of gradual improvement was continuing," he said. "Even if it was not extraordinary, it was definitely a continuation and not a copy of the previous day. This morning, the improvement in the awakening is even more marked and we are very happy."

Gilon gave some more details: "Yes, there is an opening of the eyes; yes, he hears us better and responds better. This is a meaningful improvement compared to yesterday and the day before."

And yet, says the doctor, the new reality does not change the general definition of the rabbi's condition as serious. Still, he adds, "the improvement we spoke about is there and is even getting stronger, for the better. At least in terms of the awakening, it seems meaningful to me."

Asked if the rabbi can now hear, understand and respond, he said that this was still only true in a partial way, but there is definitely a marked change compared to the last few days.

As for the possibility of brain damage having occurred in the last few days, Prof. Gilon said: "We are careful, but it is definitely possible that nothing happened."

Those wishing to pray for his health are asked to pray for Chayim Ovadia ben Georgia.