MK: Building in Yesha More Important Than Ever

Israel cannot concede land to the PA - and cannot stop building in Judea and Samaria, said MK Levin.

David Lev ,

MK Yariv Levin
MK Yariv Levin
Flash 90

While the government continues talks with the Palestinian Authority, construction must continue in Judea and Samaria, said coalition chairman MK Yariv Levin.

“In the end there is only one true test of success; the more we deepen our attachment to the Land of Israel, the more we will receive greater international recognition,” said Levin.

“In today's world, determination is the key to receiving support worldwide, and certainly in a matter as important as ensuring the future of the Land of Israel, it is important that we advance that determination and build without fear or hesitation,” he added.

Levin was speaking in advance of a major conference Wednesday on the future of Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria. Called the “One Nation and One People” Conference, the get-together will gather thousands of people in Jerusalem to plan for the future of Jewish life in Judea and Samaria.

Levin does not believe that the talks Israel is engaged in with the PA in Washington will bear fruit.

“The gaps between us are too great,” said Levin. “But Israel cannot allow itself to be painted as the party that refuses to negotiate. As long as Prime Minister Netanyahu remains firm we in the Likud will support him. It would be a historic mistake to agree to concessions,” he added.