Report: 10 Killed in Airstrike on Syrian School

Video of aftermath shows dead bodies, many of them children, strewn across the scene.

Ari Soffer ,

Bombed-out buildings in Raqqa, northern Syria
Bombed-out buildings in Raqqa, northern Syria

The Syrian airforce has reportedly killed at least 10 children in an airstrike on a school in the northern, rebel-held city of Raqqa.

Activists say the death toll in the strike on the High School of Commerce is expected to rise, and scores more have been injured.

A video of the aftermath of the attack, seen by Arutz Sheva but too graphic to post, shows the charred and mutilated remains of the victims, torn apart by the force of an explosion.

Most, though not all, appear to be children.

The Syrian airforce has regularly been accused of killing scores of civilians through the indiscriminate bombing of rebel-held residential areas. 

The two and a half year Syrian civil war has left at least 100,000 dead and millions more displaced, according to UN estimates.