Hakafot Shniyot Outside Boaz Albert Prison

Supporters of Boaz Albert celebrated hakafot shniyot outside the prison where he is being held.

Adam Ross and Yoni Kempinsky,

Hakafot shniyot in support of Albert
Hakafot shniyot in support of Albert
Menahem Gotleib

Supporters of Boaz Albert spent hakafot shniyot dancing outside the prison in downtown Jerusalem where he is being held without charge.

The resident of Yitzhar in Samaria was issued with a restraining order prevented him from living at home, without receiving any explanation as to the charges he faces. After breaking the order, Albert was arrested on Tuesday by police and is currently being detained at the police station in the city's Russian colony.

Hakafot shniyot, (second round of dancing) are a repeat of celebrations that mark the end and restart of the annual Torah reading cycle. Earlier this week, in another show of solidarity, Albert's supporters also spent the Simhat Torah festival dancing outside the prison.

Among the scores of people at the event, signs were held reading "We are all Boaz Albert." One man who joined the dancing said he found it hard to understand how Albert could be imprisoned without being charged with a crime.

"We have to support hard working men like this." he said. "The government came in and is trying to destroy his business with some sort of administrative order and no reason has been given. As an American Israeli, it really bothers me that no judge or jury has been involved in this."

Under laws remaining from the time of the British Mandate, security forces can use administrative orders to hold suspects or distance them from certain areas, without explanation and without trial. Boaz Albert has been arrested several times for breaking the order, with tasers also being used against him during violent arrests. When police came to take Albert away on Tuesday, they were met by dozens of men who had crowded the Albert home for a Sukkot party, complete with singing and dancing.