Live Yom Kippur Q&A With Israeli Medical Expert

Professor Eliyahu Sorkin, head of intensive care Israel's Ichilov Hospital and member of United Hatzala, answers your questions.

Arutz Sheva,

Professor Eliyahu Sorkin
Professor Eliyahu Sorkin
United Hatzalah

With Yom Kippur fast approaching, Arutz Sheva is streaming a live feed with world-renown Israeli medical expert Professor Eliyahu Sorkin answering questions from the United Hatzala Center in Jerusalem.

Sorkin, who heads the intensive care unit Israel's Ichilov Hospital is and a member of the United Hatzala organization, will be answering your medical questions live concerning the 25 hour fast this Shabbat (Saturday).

Sorkin made Aliyah to Israel after graduating from medical school in Paris in 1981, and has since gained international recognition for his work as a medical expert and professional.


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