Wave of Deadly Car Bombs kills Dozens in Baghdad

Car bombs target Shi'ite districts. More than 4,000 killed in 5 months.

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Terrorist attacks in Baghdad
Terrorist attacks in Baghdad
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The death toll has risen to 45 following a wave of car bombs in predominantly Shi'ite districts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

A series of explosions hit the northern sector of Talibiya, the western suburb of Sadiya and the central commercial area of Karrada.

Attacks in Iraq has surged in recent months with more than 4000 people killed in the last five months including 800 fatalities in August alone, with Baghdad taking the brunt of attacks. In mid-August another car bomb killed 14 people in Baghdad.

Sunni terrorists linked to al-Qaeda are suspected of carrying out the majority of attacks.

Iraqi government and western officials are concerned that a resurgent Al Qaeda in the Middle East is posing an increasing threat to the stability of the entire region.