Hamas: 'U.S. Should Not Get Involved in Syria'

Despite the ongoing genocide in Syria, killing hundreds everyday in the civil war, Hamas opposes U.S. military action against Assad's regime

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Kochava Rozenbaum ,


In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Hamas terrorist movement advised that it adheres to its “fundamental position which rejects any aggression or outside military intervention in Syria and other Arab Islamic countries.”  

At the same time, Hamas condemned the “massacre” of the Syrian people committed during the past two and half years and “in particular the most recent massacre of alleged chemical weapons used in Al Ghouta area of Damascus.”

Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal left his Damascus headquarters in 2012 after refusing to support Assad’s deadly crackdown. Once an ally of Syria's Assad, Hamas then shifted its support to the Sunni led rebels who are fighting to overthrow Assad's regime. 

The Muslim Brotherhood movement in Syria explained that they too oppose military action, since it could backfire and strengthen the Assad regime.

The Muslim Brotherhood expressed support for enforcing restricted flight zones for Syrian airspace, setting security zones for the population, and the transfer of high quality weapons into the hands of the rebels.  

Hamas’ announcement is in line with the position of many radical Islamic organizations who consider western intervention as a conspiracy aimed at serving the interests of Israel, and in accordance with that assessment, fear that they themselves will turn out to be a military target.

There are still many in the Arab World who are torn between supporting and opposing international intervention.