Police Investigating Galilee Arab's Killing Spree

Police are investigating a killing spree by a Galilee Arab, who murdered his ex-wife, two daughters, and one other person.

David Lev,

Gun (illustrative)
Gun (illustrative)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

An Arab from the Galilee village of Daburiyya killed three members of his family, an additional person, and then himself, in a shooting spree that has shocked both residents and police both.

Bashir Najjar, a 48 year old resident of the village, killed his 45 year old ex-wife, Zahira Jejini, and two of his daughters, Lama, 5, and Madeline, 16, at their home in Daburiyya. Najjar also killed another person, 58 year old Abed Alsalam Aziza, at another location.

Two other people allegedly shot by Najjar are in serious condition, police said.

Police announced that they were investigating the background to the incident, but that Najjar's ex-wife had filed several complaints against him for harassment and threats. In an interview on Israel Radio, police spokesperson Eitan Menashe said that police had months ago urged courts to indict Najjar, saying that he was a danger to his ex-wife and the community, but prosecutors decided not to file charges.

Police are now preparing for the funerals, and although they will try to maintain an unobtrusive presence at the services, there will be plenty of police in the area, to prevent attempts at revenge actions by the families of the victims against Najjar's family.

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