Syria: Life and Death in the Camera’s Eye

Syrian rebels release video of soldiers’ attempt to escape after their tank takes a direct hit.


Syrian soldiers
Syrian soldiers
AFP file

While Syrian rebels have been hit hard by the latest Assad regime operations, they continue to inflict losses. A new video released by rebels shows an attack east of Damascus and its bloody aftermath.

The brief clip shows the demolition of a Syrian army tank. Rebels managed to take out five tanks, one after the other, in an ambush.

The tank sustains a direct hit, but three soldiers who were inside are left alive, and attempt to escape.

In the beginning of the video, the upper part of one soldier’s body can be seen coming out of the tank, then disappearing, apparently after the man was shot by rebels and killed.

A second man is more successful. He manages to survive a 30-meter run through open territory, under heavy rebel fire, and to escape the scene.

The third crew member then attempts to follow. However, the badly injured man is unable to run, and can only fall from the tank and attempt to roll toward safety.

He manages to roll for several meters, but is then shot by rebels and killed.

Arutz Sheva has decided not to include the raw footage due to its graphic nature.

In recent months the bloody fighting between Assad’s troops and rebel groups has sparked further internal conflicts, as well. The Al-Nusra Front rebel group has threatened to target the Alawite community over Assad’s actions, while other developments have displayed the growing rift between Shi’ite Muslim and Sunni Muslim groups.