Atias Family Accident Report: No Clear Answer

Eight members of one family perished in the crash. Extensive report says Mitsubishi's brakes failed completely.

Arutz Sheva ,

Atias family's car
Atias family's car
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The Ministry of Transport published on Sunday the report detailing results of its investigation into the accident in which eight members of the Atias family perished, in May of 2012.

The investigation was carried out by the Laboratory for Vehicle and Machine Engineering in the Israeli Institute of Metals in the Technion, and the Ministry calls it the most comprehensive report regarding an accident in Israel's history.

The Atias family was traveling downhill in a Mitsubishi Grandis when it reached a state of uncontrollable acceleration. The brakes worked but could not cause the car to stop. Continuous use of the brakes caused the entire braking system to fail, however.

The investigators did not find evidence of a general fault in the Grandis model, although there have been several complaints from drivers that it reached a state of uncontrollable acceleration.

The Transport Ministry's Licensing Department has instructed all teachers in the Preventive Driving courses to teach their students how to deal with situations in which the brakes stop working.