US-Israel Recipes: Asparagus in White Wine

A perfect, delicate and easy recipe from a well-known Israeli chef.

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Assaf Rothschild,

Asparagus Spears
Asparagus Spears

Tranquilla is a New York style Italian bar-restaurant that provides its clients with an unforgettable culinary experience. Below is an example of how the restaurant's menu combines Italian simplicity with the careful and exacting use of fresh, quality ingredients.

Chef Assaf Rothschild assembled the menu with much love and professional acumen. He and hIs culinary advisor Jessica Halperin have chosen the goal of connecting the laws of kosher cusine with the best Italian recipes and nutritional guidelines. This is one of his creations.

Try it for a special first course or as a side dish with pasta.


1 bunch asparagus

30 ml. white wine

50 grams butter

a handful of parmesan cheese

Pour boiling water over the asparagus and cook for two minutes.

Over high heat, warm the butter, wine, asparagus and parmesan in a frying pan. Then lower the flame and stir until the sauce thickens.

Tranquilla is certified kosher by the Tel Aviv Rabbinate and is located at 1 Mikve Israel Stree, Tel Aviv, 036850002, suitable for parties of up to 150 people or a pleasant meal.