Hamas Rocket-Maker Goes on Hunger Strike

Dirrar Abu-Sisi, captured in the Ukraine in an apparent Mossad operation, accused of helping Hamas develop its rocket capabilities.

Ari Soffer,

Dirar Abu Sisi
Dirar Abu Sisi
Flash 90

Dirar Abu Sisi, the member of Hamas who was arrested in Ukraine and brought to Israel two and half years ago, has gone on a hunger strike to protest being held apart from the prison’s general population.

Abu Sisi has apparently entered the third day of his hunger strike.

In response, prison authorities have removed his personal belongings, including all electrical appliances, except for a fan.  He is receiving any medical care that he needs.

Abu Sisi is being held at Beer Sheva’s  Eshel Prison.

Abu Sisi, who worked as the manager of Gaza's main electricity power plant, reportedly joined Hamas in 2002, despite working for the Palestinian Electric Company, which forbade its employees from joining any group.

During his time working for Hamas, he reportedly used his expertise to help significantly improve the terror group's rocket-launching capabilities

He was apprehended in Kiev on February 2011 by Mossad agents whilst travelling on a train.

During his interrogation, Abu Sis reportedly disclosed priceless information on Hamas' structure, tactics, readiness, and attempts to improve its rocket technology.

He also said that he regretted joining the Islamist group, and said he had only continued working for them after they threatened to harm him and his family. 

His indictment sheet comprises nine counts, including membership in a terror organization, murder, attempted murder and arms production.