Two Arabs Charged with Tisha B'Av Stabbing

The defendants, aged 19 and 18, participated in stabbing of Moshe Limoi near Damascus Gate.

Gil Ronen,

Shaar Shechem
Shaar Shechem
Flash 90

A charge sheet was filed Monday against two Arabs from Issawiya, in Jerusalem, who are accused of taking part in a the stabbing of a Jewish man, Moshe Limoi, immediately after Tisha B'Av. The attack took place near the Damascus Gate, as Limoi was going home from evening prayers at the Kotel.

The two are Sultan Abu Humus, 19, and Mahmoud Rajbi, 18. Abu Humus and another man stabbed Limoi – one from the front and the other from the back. He was wounded in the chest, thigh and arm. Rajbi served as lookout during this time, to make sure that security forces are not anywhere near.

The three then took a sherut cab to Issawiya. They urged the driver to hurry up and start driving immediately, and promised him that they would pay him for the empty places in the cab. When they arrived at Issawiya, Abu Humus gave his clothes to his sister, who was supposed to “make them disappear.”

He also went with the third man to a barber shop in order to make themselves less recognizable to the victim. Abu Humus is accused of attempted murder and attempts to interfere with the judicial process, and Rajbi is accused of aggravated assault.

Describing his experience to visiting MKs in July, the victim recalled:

"The terrorist stuck the knife in me and turned it around. I said 'Shema Yisrael' and other prayers one says” when they think they are about to die.

“I walked up the stairs and by mistake called the police instead of Magen David Adom. I saw a patrol and they tended to my wounds right away. All the Arabs in the area just stopped and stared, and no one was interested in what happened to me,” he added.

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