Released Terrorists Still Face Restrictions

Despite being released early, released terrorists have been informed they must stick to a number of restrictions, or face arrest.

Kochava Rozenbaum ,

Terrorist prisoners
Terrorist prisoners
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A Palestinian Authority terrorist released Tuesday told Ma’an news agency that Israeli authorities have provided maps to the newly free detainees showing the places and streets they’re permitted to go to within their own cities.

One released prisoner, Samir Naneesh from Shechem, had been sentenced in May 1989 to life imprisonment for murdering an Israeli soldier. He told Ma’an on Thursday that the Israelis warned him and the rest of the freed prisoners that they would be detained again if they do not adhere with instructions given to them by the Israeli officials. 

Naneesh, a Fatah-affiliated terrorist, said he was instructed that “freed prisoners shouldn’t leave their cities or participate in any demonstrations or activities against Israel’s security. Violators will be taken back to prison,” he added. A reception was held in his honor in Shechem by Fatah-affiliated organizers.

He spoke of his upcoming plans as he reenters society:

“I have my own plans for the future. First, I would like to get married and build a family like other citizens, and then I will think of the next stage.”