PM Rejected Kosher, Preferred 'Treif' iin Poland

Arutz Sheva Exclusive: During a state visit to Poland in June, Prime Minister Netanyahu ate non-kosher, to the dismay of Polish Jews

David Lev ,

Netanyahu and government ministers in Poland
Netanyahu and government ministers in Poland
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During a state visit to Poland in June, Jewish community members said they witnessed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other government officials eat non-kosher food – and the community is very angry and upset at the Prime Minister's behavior.

Two months after the visit by Netanyahu and his ministers, members of the community told Arutz Sheva that Netanyahu's eating non-kosher was perhaps the death blow to their efforts to prevent the Polish government from banning shechita, Jewish ritual slaughter – an effort that failed, when the government in Warsaw several weeks ago banned Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter.

“We offered Netanyahu and his retinue kosher food, but they refused it,” the community officials told Arutz Sheva. “We are in a daily fight to ensure that Jews in this country can live a Jewish life. Only recently the government and courts here banned shechita. We would have expected Netanyahu to eat kosher and to impress upon the Poles how important keeping kosher is to Jews.

"How could he do such a thing when we were battling to be allowed to continue to produce kosher meat here?," the officials asked.

In should be noted that several members of the delegation that traveled with Netanyahu, who themselves are observant, asked for and got kosher food.

The Prime Minister's Office had no comment, a spokesperson told Arutz Sheva.