Far-Left MK's 'Crying' Pose Elicits Smirks on Web

MK Zehava Galon 'shed tears' for Arab MKs on Knesset podium - or is that really what she was doing?

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Gil Ronen,

Zehava makes teshuva?
Zehava makes teshuva?

An image of MK Zehava Galon shedding tears – or at least appearing to – on the Knesset podium Wednesday, has elicited some mirth in Facebook circles, where it created an unexpected association.

The 'tears' were shed in the course a debate on the Governance Bill that would raise parties' electoral threshold for entering the Knesset to four percent of the total vote. The reason for Galon's grief: the law could prevent some Arab parties from entering the next Knesset, unless they are able to unite forces.

Arab parties tend to be relatively small and fractious - split between the communists of Hadash, Islamists of the United Arab List-Ta'al and secular Arab nationalists of Balad. The former two of the three Arab parties have four MKs, whilst the latter has three.

MK Galon head the far-left Meretz party, which tends to vote similarly to the Arab parties on many key issues, and is also known to be a close personal friend of Arab MK Ahmed Tibi. This may have been the cause of her added emotion during the debate in which opponents protested against the Governance Bill, by standing behind the podium in silence.

Galon's pose, with her head buried in her hands in front of the double microphone atop the Knesset podium, prompted an unexpected visual association, however, from some religious Facebook users.

An image, which was featured on the “Dosim Metzaitzim” page and attributed to Haggai Danino, shows Galon in her original pose, but superimposed Shabbat candles onto the microphone. Similar images were posted elsewhere.

The result - at least to a religious Israeli audience - is an amusingly incongruous pose for a left-wing, feminist MK: a woman lighting Sabbath candles in the tradition of the Jewish family custom.