Rebels Shoot Syrian Officers on Busy Highway

Syrian rebels recorded themselves ambushing army officers on a busy highway, as passing drivers ignore the goings on.

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Dalit Halevi & Elad Benari,

Syrian civil war
Syrian civil war

The Syrian army has been able to recapture the Khaldiya neighborhood in the central town of Homs, but the rebels fighting Bashar Al-Assad’s regime have recorded military victories as well.

The rebels are now focusing their fighting on rural areas near Aleppo and on a neighborhood northeast of Damascus. The military is fighting back by using tanks and armored personnel carriers against rebels.

One of the rebel organizations has uploaded a video to YouTube which shows a car driven by four Syrian army officers being ambushed by rebels.

The shooting at the vehicle continues on and off for about a minute until the rebel squad ensures that all the officers in the vehicle have been killed.

In addition to the targeted killing carried out by the rebels, the video also illustrates the grim reality of the civil war in Syria. The shooting takes place on a busy highway, and many vehicles traveling on the highway are shown passing by and completely ignoring the shooting. Even when the shooting ends and the bodies of the dead soldiers can be seen outside the vehicle, passersby continue to travel without stopping to assist the soldiers.

Over the past several weeks, a second civil war has begun brewing in war-ravaged Syria, between the more moderate, Western-backed rebel groups and the Islamist extremist groups.

One of the jihadist groups, Al-Nusra Front, has pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Members of Al-Nusra and other Syrian rebels groups have committed atrocities during the Syrian civil war, including publicly beheading a Catholic priest who was accused of collaborating with Bashar Al-Assad’s regime.

Earlier this month, Syrian rebels linked to Al-Qaeda killed a senior figure in the Western-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA).

In addition, Arab and Kurdish groups have clashed repeatedly in the north of the country, as Syria's long-oppressed Kurdish minority seeks to establish an autonomous region - free of Arab rule - similar to that in northern Iraq.