Saudi Arabia Praises EU Ban, Calls for UN Pressure

Saudi Arabia hails EU boycott, calls on international community to increase pressure on Israel.

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United Nations
United Nations
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Saudi Arabia’s delegation to the United Nations called on the international community Tuesday to increase pressure on Israel to “end human rights violations against the Palestinian people.”

In a statement to the U.N. Security Council, Saudi Arabia’s Charge D’affaires Abdulmohsen F. Alyas asked the U.N. to “make [Israel] understand that there is no choice but peace and that this issue is not limited only to routine reviews in the Security Council’s deliberations.”

He accused the Jewish State of “displacement, expulsion, arbitrary detention and ill-treatment of prisoners” in PA territories. The Saudi official also said that Israel is on a “quest to change the situation on the ground that include (sic) but not limited to, confiscation and destruction of Palestinian homes, expansion of settlements; arrests, detentions and use of excessive violence against demonstrators, continuation of the blockade” on Gaza.

Alyas also praised the European Union’s latest decision to ban funding to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have ties with Jewish communities or businesses in Judea, Samaria and parts of Jerusalem restored to the capital following the 1967 Six Day War.

Alyas denounced “Israel’s arrogance and defiance” in approving 1,000 new housing units for Jewish communities in areas the PA insists on claiming for its potential future state.

"Two-State Solution"?

This latest call by Saudi Arabia comes only a few days after the Arab League announced its support for the PA’s agreement to resume direct talks with Israel for a final status over a "two-state solution," but said it was skeptical of Israeli intentions, according to AFP.

The League said it was “forming a political support network for the Palestinian side in case it accepts to go to the negotiations with the Israeli side,” deputy Secretary-General for Palestinian Affairs Mohammed Sabih told journalists.

However, many Israeli analysts and politicians have claimed that it is the PA, not Israel, whose intentions should be questioned. 

Most recently, a recent documentary produced by the Centre for Near East Policy Research revealed that children at Palestinian Authority summer camps - funded by the UN - were being educated to pursue "jihad" and replace the State of Israel with an Arab state.