Lapid Amused by ‘Lapidomator’ App

New app allows users to create their own Yair Lapid-style Facebook statuses.

Maayana Miskin,

Finance Minister Yair Lapid
Finance Minister Yair Lapid
Flash 90

A popular new application allows users to sound like Finance Minister Yair Lapid. Users enter a random word or sentence, and the Lapidomator creates a Lapid-style Facebook post based on that concept.

The app was designed by friends Yoni Rosenstein, Lihi Karni and Assaf Sagi to mimic Lapid’s unique writing style.

The app recently grew so popular that Lapid commented on it directly.

Lapid told his followers that he had tested the ‘Lapidomator’ app at home. “I had a contest with the kids. They would enter, say, the word ‘hummus,’ and I would write something, and then we would check the Lapidomator and see if it was similar,” he explained.

“It was very amusing for the Lapid family,” he added.

On a different occasion, Lapid said of the Lapidomator, “I’m a little offended, because it writes as me better than I do sometimes. So that bothers me a little, but otherwise it’s quite funny.”

Arutz Sheva decided to check the Lapidomator’s response to the term “Arutz Sheva.” The result, translated into Hebrew, is below:

Hello to you all. We had a successful week, with a somewhat shocking conclusion.

We will deal with Arutz Sheva, or this government will come undone. From the beginning, ‘Yesh Atid’ decided to be the responsible, stable part of this coalition – when it comes to passing the budget, when it comes to votes in Knesset, and when it comes to serious, consistent work on Arutz Sheva.

The new politics means that whenever you need to choose between what is good for you, personally, and what is good for Arutz Sheva, you always choose Arutz Sheva…

The issue of Arutz Sheva has already brought down governments, broken apart coalitions, destroyed political parties and ended careers. Until today.

We have come to make change. And we are making change.