A Home in Israel - The Dream of All American Zionists

Organizers hope that new project in Jerusalem will encourage more American Jews to make aliyah.

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Eliran Aharon, New York,

Nofei Israel buyers at the housing fair
Nofei Israel buyers at the housing fair
Nofei Israel

In a new neighborhood of a Jerusalem suburb a new project is rising, whose organizers hope will encourage more American Jews to make aliyah. Speaking to Arutz Sheva during an Israel housing fair in New York, Asher Stoller of Nofei Israel said that the project was the perfect one for new American immigrants to Israel, as well as olim who yearn for the social comforts of their former American lifestyle.

“Many Americans find it hard to adjust to life in Israel,” said Stoller – and not necessarily financially, either. “Some make aliyah, staying for a few years and moving back,” because of the difficulty of being separated from people with their own cultural background, or because their children could not fit in at school.

Enter Nofei Israel, an “engineered community” that is planned down to the last detail to enhance the aliyah experience for American Jews who decide to make it their home. Surrounded by beautiful greenery and parks, Nofei Israel caters to religious families who are looking for high quality of life amidst all of the necessary community facilities and amenities. Modern commercial and recreational areas will further serve to create a rich living experience.

Designed by Israel’s top architects, individual apartments within the development have potential for every conceivable comfort – from swimming pools to private decks and beyond. Nofei Israel, a company that has acquired an esteemed reputation in the Israeli real estate market, offers buyers five different design options. Alternately, buyers may choose to build their own homes to their unique specifications.

“Nofei Israel will ensure maximum absorption for American Jews making aliyah,” said Stoller. “It's an opportunity for anyone who wants to make aliyah to do in in a way that is the most comfortable possible.”

Marketing of the first 400 units is now underway, with 150 lots currently being marketed as self-constructing. An additional 250 luxury apartments will be added to establish the orthodox community, as well as the necessary shuls, schools and mikvahs. So far 80 lots have already been sold.