Hotovely: Apologies Due over Gay Bar Shooting Blame Game

For four years officials blamed religious sector for shooting, now revealed to be the result of an internal feud within the gay community.

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Gil Ronen,

Barnoar after the attack
Barnoar after the attack
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Deputy Transportation Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) called on “several elected officials” whom she did not name to apologize for blaming the religious sector for a shooting in 2009. Two people were killed and ten others wounded in the attack that occurred at a “gay” bar called the Barnoar in Tel Aviv.

Leftist politicians were quick to claim the attack was motivated by “homophobia” and to assume it was carried out by a hareidi person or by someone from another religious stream, because of the Jewish religion's prohibition of homosexual relations.

Police have now arrested several suspects in the case, however, and according to leaks, the motive for the crime was not aversion to “gay” people but a personal dispute that involved at least one “gay” person.

"Now that the reason for the horrible murder at the Barnoar is beginning to be known, there are several public officials who should apologize to the religious and hareidi public,” Hotovely said.

Hotovely noted that some of the public officials she is talking about currently serve in the government. “They were quick to blame an entire populace for responsibility for the murder, in order to get headlines,” she said.

Hotovely is doubtlessly thinking of Justice Minister Tzipi Livni (Hatnua) who has made numerous appearances before the “gay” community over the years and has branded herself as a patron of this sector. Livni has referred to the Barnoar murders as a hate crime on numerous occasions.

A Tel Aviv Magistrates' Court judge sent three suspects in the murder to ten days' remand Thursday. A fourth suspect, who was not directly involved in the shooting, was ordered held for four days. There is a gag order on their identities and details of the investigation.